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CLIPIT is a platform that takes out all the hassles and headaches of planning an event or adventure outing while saving you time and money!

Within our esteemed digital marketing agency, we harness the formidable power of the Flutter Dart programming language to engineer sophisticated iterations of Clipit, catering to both the iOS and Android platforms. Our team takes immense pride in their proficiency in this cutting-edge language, ensuring that each application we create embodies the pinnacle of performance and user satisfaction.

Moreover, we have astutely integrated Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) into our arsenal. These PWAs come with a robust pre-built foundation, setting the stage for a streamlined development process. However, our expertise truly shines when we transform these web-based interfaces into fully-fledged native applications, specially tailored to emulate the smooth and responsive functionality of traditional mobile apps.

This transformation process is executed with a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a highly functional digital solution. Users can seamlessly download and engage with our creations, enjoying a first-rate mobile experience that exceeds their expectations.

In summary, our digital marketing agency stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, delivering iOS and Android applications developed with Flutter Dart, and expertly converting PWAs into native mobile apps, all while prioritizing top-notch performance and user satisfaction.

The Dart Code:


initialUrl: "",

javascriptMode: JavascriptMode.unrestricted,

debuggingEnabled: true,

onProgressChanged: (int p){//0-100

setState(() {

progress = p/100.0;



onScroll(int x,int y){



shouldInterceptRequest: (String url) async {//replace google logo

var googleLogo = "";


if (url == googleLogo) {

ByteData data = await rootBundle.load("assets/baidu.png");

Uint8List bytes = Uint8List.view(data.buffer);

return Response("image/png", null, bytes);


return null;



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